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Elizabeth leads a hike on state land, and the trail is intersected by a gas well!

This blog exists to put a face on gas drilling in Pennsylvania.

Each day we hope to show you a face of someone whose life has been impacted by gas drilling.

We want to show you the farmers, activists, fishers, hunters, environmentalists, organizers, landowners with split estates or never-ending leases, neighbors, family, pets and animals, outdoor people, people who are sick, and other citizens like you who care what happens to our air, water, and land.

The blog should be an album, a set of stories, and a reality check.

The internet age will make it impossible for oil and gas companies to keep their long legacy of social, environmental, and economic messes hidden from public view.

If you would like to be featured on this blog–or know someone with a face who should be–, please contact Hannah of Frackland at habelbeck[at] or Elizabeth of How Should We Do the Mountain? at dothemountain[at]

We’d love to visit with you and hear your story. If we can’t make it, we’ll arrange for you to send a photo and caption for us to post.

All posts and still photography on this site is ours unless otherwise noted. If you quote or repost, please link back here.

We are not getting paid in any way for this work.

9 comments on “Contact Us”

  1. I was to distracted by work when we spoke…I already found your site & have you on my blogroll. Keep the pics ( and quotes ) coming!

  2. Here is a picture I took yesterday on a drill site in Lathrop Twp, Susquehanna County. Flying the confederate flag.
    Insult to injury.

  3. Hi — We are a small nonprofit in North Carolina working on clean water and environmental justice issues. As our state considers beginning to hydrofrack in multiple counties — we are hoping to host a series of community meetings educating citizens about the process and their rights. We want to show the movie “Gasland” but have not been able to contact anyone with any knowledge of how to get the film rights ( I have emailed the website contact multiple times), so I am trying various groups in NY and PA to see if anyone has any information. I appreciate your help and all of the work that you do!

    Outreach Coordinator
    Clean Water for North Carolina

  4. Hi,

    This is Mark Schmerling, a documentary photographer with about five years of experience in making meaningful photos to help fight the dcoaql industry. I’m now making similar images to fight the Marcellus Shale gas drillers.

    I got Stephanie Hallowich’s name from a contact in Bedford County, Pa, and would like to meet Stephanie, Monday or Tuesday, if possible, to make photographs, and see what is happening in her home area. I’m from the Philadelphia, but am staying in Pittsburgh for a couple of days.

    Instead of e-mailing, please call me at 215 495 5223,

    Thank you.

    Mark Schmerling

    • Hi Mark,

      I apologize for not getting back to you earlier. I do not have Stephanie’s contact information. I met her through a neighbor of hers that I was interviewing and was lucky enough to get to see her home up close and truly get an idea of what it is like to live next to this industry.

  5. Dear friends,

    Please check out the referenced article called FRACKING INSANE at Non-commercial website. 

    I’m the writer, but it’s not about me. Please take the time to read it through, as it’s got a lot of info all the way till the end, that maybe even you, who know a lot more than me, might not know yet. Also, I tried to make it understandable for the common person. Two good videos included. It’s not short, but only 6 pages long, as short as I could make it and tell the whole story. 

    Please feel free to use it any way you like, but if you could reference or link to our site, that’s all we ask. 

    Thanks for your time, if you really do read it through. 



  6. Good luck to everyone here, and I hope you’re still fighting. I’m in Colorado and just becoming involved in the fracking fight. The scope of this madness is terrifying–the readiness of the public to believe it’s a ‘worldview thing’ is even worse.

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