Faces of Frackland on the news!

By: A. Squeaky Wheel

Apr 29 2010

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Watch Cindy and Elizabeth on WENY Elmira

2 comments on “Faces of Frackland on the news!”

  1. Thank you, Liz Berkowitz. You have been very active in getting concerned residents’ voices in Tioga and Potter counties heard since day one. The gas drilling has changed all of our lives, and some like me feel, not for the better. I pass convoy after convoy of dumptrucks on my frequent travels to Coudersport from Wellsboro each week. I worry about all the two-wheel drivers and riders this summer not aware there is so much sand, dirt, holes, and shattered pavement on our roads. Like a huge consensus, I fear for our water, our rivers and streams. To me, nothing is uglier than a “dead” creek. Is a royalty check really worth sacrificing our tranquil surroundings? Be careful what you wish for. Remember, we don’t know what we don’t know or don’t want to know…I support folks like Liz keeping us In The Know.

  2. Thank You Liz, Please as always keep up the great work and also look up the usual CatskillmountainKeeper.org DamascusCitazen.org and others. Thank you!

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