Going for a swim?

A frog sunbathes in Lathrop Township. Credit: Frank Finan


Today we have a reader submitted photograph.     

Frank Finan has been keeping watch on a Phelps/Chief drill site in Lathrop Township in Susquehanna County.     

He noticed some new activity over the weekend. Workers were using their magically absorbant wood chips to fill in part of a waste pit on the drill pad.     

As he took pictures, he noticed a dead frog. 

 Click here to see where the frog was relaxing.                More from Frank Finan

For your entertainment, I’ve imagined for you how his conversation with authorities will go, should he choose to make a report.     

Resident: We’re really concerned. Animals are getting sick. Some are keeling over and dying. We’re worried about our environment and our health.
DEP: What are you talking about? This process is harmless. Like the industry says, it’s just water, sand, some salt, and less than 1% Coca-Cola.
Resident: Well, how about this frog?
DEP: Oh. (Pause. Deep breath.) A frog like that probably died of natural causes. It could be a lot of things that caused it.
Resident: But I’ve lived here my whole life, and I seldom see frogs that have died like this. Plus, it’s in the waste pit on the drill site.
DEP: Don’t worry about it. What you’ve probably got there is a frog that was doing the backstroke. It was probably so happy, it just died right then and there.
Resident: (silence of the speechless, not the stupid, kind)     

3 comments on “Going for a swim?”

  1. “The internet age will make it impossible for oil and gas companies to keep their long legacy of social, environmental, and economic messes hidden from public view.”

    YES! And you guys are doing a wonderful job!

  2. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/3/stop-unregulated-natural-gas-drilling

    after batting local politicians and a big gas company wanting to put up four gas wells within 200 feet of our 550 home community for a year. We have victory – sweet no because it took a year out of our lives and we will never feel safe from this industries maneuvers. Local politicians are allowed to do whatever they want under the sweeping federal exemptions this industry is allowed. 34 states millions of americans – vast acreage left toxic – we need a united voice to the federal government that we stand up as proud americans and say NO MORE –

  3. I just read a small piece about Frank on Alternet, my gratitude goes out to him and those like him doing the thankless, necessary work, seemingly unappreciated, but now, knowing what they know and being the people that they are, they can do nothing else but tell the truth. Frank is doing his job, It’s up to the rest of us collectively to do our small parts, or big parts, to protect our planet and the future. I took my kids to see Gasland, and even gave copies to their schools, I hope they show it. My mother is a person like Frank, ridiculed for years because in the late 60’s, early 70’s, she looked at the way the corporate food manufacturing machine was moving and chose deliberately to feed her children organic food, and she was relentless about the importance of clean drinking water. Sadly after 30-40 years, those who mocked her are sick – and now want to listen – dead or twisted up in the convoluted medical industry, drug mess, and will never escape it. I don’t know what the solution is but to keep on, keep on, no matter what. Thanks Frank.

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