The size of the thing

June's house is dwarfed by the new gas infrastructure around her. Photo credit:


We posted about June, her pond, and her pets. This image gives you a better perspective on what she’s dealing with. 

This amazing photo was taken by . Check out the site for a collection of amazing photos, a great compilation of information, and wonderful investigative work.

5 comments on “The size of the thing”

  1. what is that large, square area of water?

    is that a pond or a pit?


    • It was supposed to be a freshwater impoundment. But they started dumping flowback and produced water into it. June has complained, and Range has said that they will drain it and turn it back into a freshwater impoundment. They said that they can’t know if they won’t use it as a waste impoundment in the future.

  2. A great photo of a very disturbing situation. The destruction of this beautiful landscape is very sad.

  3. hola
    i’m so thrilled that i saw this site. that topic was so great. thanks again i saved this page.
    are you going to post similar posts?

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