Ron Gulla fights for his rights

Ron Gulla walks by some of the industrial equipment from gas production that remains on his property.

Ron Gulla, his wife, and 2 children no longer live on his 141-acre farm near Hickory in Washington County.

In 2005, Range Resources drilled the second Marcellus Shale well in Pennsylvania on his property. They also drilled in 2006 and 2007. His pond, groundwater, and soil were contaminated. “Everything I predicted would happen has happened,” said Gulla.

A self-described workaholic, Gulla has become an outspoken critic of the industry and is currently in litigation with Range. “I was happy as a pig in mud,” said Gulla. “And then this drilling started. Now I spend time every day having to deal with it.”

Read more about Gulla here and here

Watch Gulla speak:

4 comments on “Ron Gulla fights for his rights”

  1. Thank you for sharing with our group at your farm this past Sunday. Most people though that marcellus shale drilling was the same as the traditional verticle drilling methods. Our underground fresh water aquafer was polluted over 25 years by the old style drilling. I believe that NO amount of money is worth risking permanently damaging our water or air, period. I have dedicated my Facebook page to to your cause.
    Are you on Facebook? If so, I would be honored to be your friend.
    You folks are in our prayers.

  2. Lots of vitriol here.

    But Derek, you might actually want to know that there’s plenty of evidence that drilling is a danger. The point that is arguable is how much of a danger we think is acceptable.

  3. […] was fortunate enough to meet Stephanie earlier this year while visiting and touring Ron Gulla’s farm in Washington County, PA. We stopped by Stephanie’s home and I was horrified by the […]

  4. Thank God for Ron Gullla! He speaks the truth when others like that thief Marian Swinehunt/NWPOA and Van Swindle of NY LIE like no other! All anybody has to do is use what sense they were supposed to be born with, is research Dr. Theo Colbourne use real research not industry hype!

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