Faces of Frackland

By: A. Squeaky Wheel

Apr 11 2010


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Elizabeth Berkowitz leads a hike on state land, and the trail is truncated by a new gas well pad where forest had been months earlier.

This blog exists to put a face on gas drilling in Pennsylvania.

Each day we hope to show you the face of someone whose life has been impacted by gas drilling.

We want to show you the farmers, activists, fishers, hunters, environmentalists, organizers, landowners with split estates or never-ending leases, neighbors, family, pets and animals, outdoor people, people who are sick, and other citizens like you who care what happens to our air, water, and land.

The blog should be an album, a set of stories, and a reality check.

The internet age will make it impossible for oil and gas companies to keep their long legacy of social, environmental, and economic messes hidden from public view.

If you would like to be featured on this blog–or know of someone with a face who should be–, please contact Hannah of Frackland at habelbeck[at]gmail.com or Elizabeth of How Should We Do the Mountain? at dothemountain[at]yahoo.com.

We’d love to visit with you and hear your story. If we can’t make it, we’ll arrange for you to send a photo and caption for us to post.

One comment on “Faces of Frackland”

  1. You are doing a wonderful job. Keep up the good work!

    I have linked with you on FrackMountain.com

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